Time flies when you’re having fun. January in Orkney is over and I can’t believe that it’s February already!

In Scotland January is dark, cold and largely miserable. The excitement and sparkles of the festive period have gone out and we’re left with darkness most hours of the day.

However, this seems to not be the case on Orkney. Despite the chill and darkness, people keep busy here with clubs, sports and crafts. For example, the Picky (Orkney’s biggest sports & leisure centre) has been stowed out. I’ve been too slow to book classes and missed out to more keen beans. Seems the “new year new me” is felt here.


Instead of the gym, I turned to the outdoors for my adventure. Last month I learned of the group Orkney Polar Bears. This is an informal gathering of like minded people who don’t let their love for swimming in nature be stopped by a little thing called winter. This January in Orkney, I joined in for a swim by the iconic Churchill barriers.

Rainbow over the water on Orkney

The weather was blustery with rainbows flashing over the rolling fields. In the distance, the Italian Chapel shone bright against the grass. As I stepped into the crystal waters my body realised what a bad idea this was. Despite the spiky cold, I soldiered on and had a great time! Thanks to the Polar Bears for the refreshing dip!


New year, new craft attempt

outcomes of tapestry workshop at loom room orkney
In a more cozy way to spend the day, I tried my hand at a new craft – Tapestry. Orkney has a vibrant crafts and arts scene with a range of workshops and studio visits available. I joined in by popping into the Loom Room. There I was given a very accessible and rewarding introduction to tapestry. These workshops are an excellent way to spent January in Orkney. 


Snow days

kirkwall in snow marina boats

Then, of course one of the most exciting events to happen this month was the arrival of snow. The island became somehow even more scenic. The dusting of snowflakes accentuating the curves of the landscape.


Kirkwall marina orkney with snow on the stones and hill in distance


So Orkney has shown me that it’s a great place to be even in the coldest darkest month!

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Sonja Peacock · 1st February 2019 at 4:22 pm

Ohhh looks like you’ve been a busy lady! Keep up the travel adventure documentation:) Love from Loughborough

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