Stones and Shores 2020 Tour


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Experience Orkney’s most famous stones and most storied shores!

We begin with the 5000 year old stone circle. Marvel at these ancient giants.

Then it’s on to Skara Brae, the prehistoric and mysterious settlement. As the waves hit the shore you can imagine how life was thousands of years ago.

skara brae looking out to the sea

We then explore Orkney’s grandest manor, Skaill House. Discover the finery and tales of long ago.

skara brae in foreground skaill house manor in distance

Then take in the heathery hills of Orphir and enjoy the stunning view of the isle of Hoy. Our journey takes us over the brow of the hill where we get a glorious view of Scapa Flow and learn the significance this body of water had in the world wars.

Finally we return to the viking stronghold of Kirkwall after four hours of adventuring.

Stones and Shores 2020 Tour


For family tickets please get in touch.

Ticket includes:

Entry into Skara Brae and Skaill House (£9.00).


  • Kirkwall through the Heart of Neolithic Orkney

  • Standing Stones of Stenness to Skara brae

  • Tour Skara Brae then

  • Tour Skaill house

  • Skaill to Orphir   with panoramic views over Scapa Flow

  • Return to Kirkwall

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